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This Singing Land,
kanikamot askiy

tawow. welcome.

The Saskatchewan prairies are filled with light and spirit and life. This Singing Land, kanikamot askiy invites you to explore this inspiring landscape in the company of some of the province’s most accomplished writers. Think of it as a “literary field guide” to the plants, insects, birds and animals of the northern plains.

Conceived with the wide sweep of the prairies in mind, this project is especially dedicated to the urban grasslands of Saskatoon, notably the Northeast and Small Swales. Miraculous survivals of a century of aggressive development, the Swales are home to a dazzling array of life, including many rare and threatened species. Tragically, inexcusably, the future of the Swales is not secure. As the land sings to us, we sing to celebrate and protect its well-being.

We hope you will enjoy the selections featured below and then go on to explore the entire collection. Please plan on returning often as new works will be added regularly.

Green Soul

Green Soul their language so unlike our own. I have heard a bird laugh and one full of praise.

Wîsahkêcâhk Migrates South

Wîsahkêcâhk Migrates South

So Wisahkecahk never made it south but still, when migrating, geese fly in this same formation: as if still holding Wisahkecahk.

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This Singing Land, kanikamot askiy is the brain child of a small group of volunteers: Sheri Benning, Trevor Herriot, Joseph Naytowhow, Chet Neufeld and Candace Savage. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to accept submissions. If you have other questions or comments about this project, we would love to hear from you.

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